Mobile Insurance Specialist - Wealth & Personal Banking

As an Insurance Specialist, you will be a professional financial consultant to our new and existing Premier customers. With the strong customer base, you are able to fully utilize your knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive wealth consultation service while collaborating with our professional Relationship Managers and Investment Specialist Team to support clients' lifelong wealth and protection needs. Working in the largest bancassurer in Hong Kong, you can offer the right solutions to the customers with our extensive portfolio of products & services which are applauded by the industry and public. All these will guarantee a different & promising career path for your development.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Identify and capture insurance business opportunities with prompt follow-up on analytically driven leads with a key focus on targeted customer group in Hong Kong
  • Develop and retain quality relationship with targeted customer group; Manage individual insurance portfolios, conduct regular contact to Premier mainland customers to ensure the highest rate of customer satisfaction and persistency
  • Engage end-to-end insurance service, including customer needs identification, solution recommendations, application fulfilment, and follow up
  • Provide specialist advice on appropriate insurance solutions to meet the insurance and protection needs of Premier customers are well fulfilled
  • Establish effective working relationships with other teams within the Branch and other relevant partners that impact the client's experience of HSBC to deliver a consistent approach and application of outstanding service standard
  • Build and maintain a positive team culture through ensuring quality business referrals and referral skills among team members and contributing to product knowledge and skills sharing
  • Maintain a high level of compliance guidelines and procedures
  • Ensure self, and team activities comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements and meet HSBC standards and procedures

*Remark: Multiple work locations available across branches in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories


  • 針對目標客戶,及時關注並分析跟進,把握保險業務機會
  • 發展和維繫目標客戶的優質關係; 管理個人保險組合及定期聯繫客戶以確保客戶滿意度和品牌忠誠度
  • 提供端到端的保險服務,包括洞察客戶需求、提供解決方案建議、履行客戶的相關申請和後續跟進
  • 基於恰當的保險解決方案提供專業建議,以滿足卓越理財客戶的保險和保障需求
  • 與分行內的其他團隊以及其他負責匯豐客戶體驗的相關部門建立高效的工作關係,以提供給客戶一致的服務方式和卓越的服務標準
  • 通過確保優質業務的引薦往來,提高團隊成員的推薦技巧,以及對於產品知識和技能的共享,來建立和維護一種積極向上的團隊文化
  • 確保高水平的合規準則和合規程序
  • 確保個人和團隊活動符合相關法律和監管要求,並符合匯豐銀行內部的標準和程序

工作地點:可選香港/九龍/新界 多個分行地點

  • Tertiary or university level education, preferably in finance, business or a related discipline
  • Rich experience in understanding clients' needs and providing life insurance solutions to clients with exposure to mainland clients, preferably in Banc assurance field
  • Extensive wealth management and insurance product knowledge and sales capabilities
  • Insurance related license are required, including Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute Paper 1,7,8 and Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination Paper 1,2,3,5 and compliance with related Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements
  • A good level of English in reading and writing, fluent Mandarin is required
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and motivational skills


  • 持有高等教育或大學學歷,主修金融、商務或相關學科優先考慮
  • 善於洞察客戶需求,具有在人壽保險解決方案領域及服務內地客戶的相關經驗,有在銀行保險領域工作經驗的人士優先考慮
  • 具有豐富的財富管理經驗,具備相關的保險產品的知識和銷售能力
  • 需要保險相關執照,包括香港證券及投資學會試卷 1,7,8 和保險中介人資格考試試卷 1,2,3,5
  • 必須掌握流利的普通話水平,良好的英文讀寫能力

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Customer Services Officer (Part-time)

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

VIP Banking Associate (VIP Services focus)

Dah Sing Financial Group

Wealth Management Product Manager (Business Compliance and Operational Risk)

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Audit Manager / Senior Audit Manager (IT Audit)

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Counter Services Officer (Part Time for experienced Teller, retired also welcome)

Dah Sing Financial Group

Assistant Manager, Operations Support (Part-time)

Dah Sing Financial Group