Steward Supervisor (管事督導)

Café Malacca

As a Steward Supervisor, we rely on you to assist the restaurant operations to:

  • Ensure the operations of the Stewarding Department is effective and efficient, including supervision of cleaning processes, stock control and maintenance of health, safety and hygiene in the Hotel
  • Supervise all aspects of cleaning supplies, ordering, receiving, storage and issuing
  • Oversee staff schedule, train and develop to the Hotel standard
  • Manage and maintain storage of Stewarding store properly with records
  • Perform other special duties as assigned by the supervisor
  • 確保管事部能夠有效並有效率地運作,包括監督清潔程序、控制存貨及維持酒店内的健康、安全和衛生標準
  • 監督清潔補給品的購買、收貨、存放和使用
  • 監督管事部員工的上班時間表,並安排培訓
  • 維持並紀錄管事部貨倉存貨
  • 履行上司分配的其他工作

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Minimum 3 years’ relevant working experience
  • Good command of English, Cantonese and Putonghua
  • Approachable and value teamwork
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • 最少3年相關工作經驗
  • 良好英語、廣東話及普通話
  • 友善並注重團隊精神
  • 良好溝通技巧及人際交往技巧


薪酬 薪金面議
  • 餐飲 · 酒店 - 洗碗
  • 西營盤
  • 全職
  • 長期
  • 恩恤假
  • 牙科計劃
  • 彈性花紅
  • 員工免費膳食
  • 保險計劃
  • 醫療計劃
  • 交通津貼




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