Junior Sous Chef 初級助理總廚

Eaton HK

We are looking for an energetic Junior Sous Chef to join our award-winning hotel. You will be part of the Kitchen Management Team creating quality, innovative, well-presented food and promotions across our venues.

Fast track your career progression, develop your signature style, join a fun, diverse team, further your leadership abilities in a dynamic hotel Food & Beverage operation.



  • Assist the Executive Sous Chef to monitor and manage the daily operation at the kitchen
  • Develop the menu and food concept by initiating new products and culinary trend
  • Monitor and maintain high standard of food quality, food hygiene and cost control
  • Assist the Executive Sous Chef to establish work schedule and organize work in kitchen
  • Assign in details and specific duties to all employees under supervision and instruction
  • Coordinate closely with the Executive Sous Chef in determining quality and quantity of food materials to be purchased and prepared
  • Check maintenance of all equipment located in the areas under supervision and prevent damage or loss of Hotel properties



  • Minimum 4 to 5 years solid experience in similar capacity at hospitality or international hotel(s)
  • Strong knowledge of Western and Asian cuisine
  • Well-versed in kitchen hygiene, service-oriented and innovative in both food preparation and presentation
  • A good team player with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English and Chinese



  • 5-day work week
  • Discretionary bonus
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Marriage leave, compassionate leave
  • Free duty meals
  • Staff discount on F&B and banquet
  • Complimentary overseas accommodation
  • Education allowance



  • 協助助理行政總廚監控和管理西廚房的日常運作
  • 通過引入新產品和烹飪潮流,研發菜單和餐飲概念
  • 監控並維持高標準的食品品質、衛生和成本控制
  • 協助助理行政總廚制定工作計劃並組織廚房工作
  • 在監督和指導下,分配詳細和具體的職責給所有西廚房員工
  • 與助理行政總廚密切協調,確定需要採購和準備的食材品質和數量
  • 檢查監督範圍內所有設備的保養情況,防止酒店財產的損壞或遺失



  • 擁有在款待業或國際酒店的同類崗位上至少4至5年紮實的​​經驗
  • 對西餐和亞洲美食有深厚的了解
  • 精通廚房衛生,擅長以服務導向和創新的方式進行食品製備和展示
  • 是一名出色的團隊合作者,具備卓越的領導力和人際交往技巧
  • 優秀的英語和中文書面和口語能力



  • 五天工作週
  • 酌情性花紅
  • 醫療保險
  • 牙科保險
  • 人壽保險
  • 婚假及恩恤假
  • 免費當值膳食
  • 住宿、餐飲及宴會折扣優惠
  • 免費住宿 (只適用於香港以外集團旗下的酒店)
  • 學費津貼
薪酬 薪金面議
  • 餐飲 · 酒店 - 廚房
  • 餐飲 · 酒店 - 其他職位
  • 佐敦
  • 全職
  • 學士
  • 副學士或高級文憑
  • 文憑或相等程度
  • 中五至中七或DSE
  • 五天工作週
  • 恩恤假
  • 豐厚薪酬
  • 牙科計劃
  • 彈性花紅
  • 教育津貼
  • 員工免費膳食
  • 保險計劃
  • 婚假
  • 醫療計劃


救生員 (港幣$3,000迎新獎金)

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