System Engineer

China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited


  1. As a software and system technical expert,be able to participate in the technical exchange with customers, technical scheme and formulation, bidding and other work.
  2. As a technical consultant with certain product thinking and technical capability, be able to participate in the business development path and product path planning of the company.
  3. Be able to complete software, back-end and system installation, configuration and troubleshooting independently on the project site, and strictly check the compliance of technical indicators on the project site.


  1. Bachelor degree or above in Computer / Telecommunication Engineering related majors.
  2. 3 years or over experience in telecom or ICT project engineering, on site and large-scale engineering experience is preferred;
  3. Be familiar with windows, Linux, MacOS and other mainstream operating systems, and be proficient in system configuration, update, command line, troubleshooting and other operations.
  4. Have a deep understanding of the mainstream databases mysql, Oracle and mongodb, master the SQL language, and have a certain understanding of the system back-end operation.
  5. Have a deep understanding of virtualization and hyper fusion technology, be familiar with relevant products of mainstream brands such as VMware, and be able to operate and configure.
  6. Excellent communication skills, learning ability and teamwork ability are required.
  7. Microsoft certification, Apple certification, RedHat certification and database related certification are preferred.
  8. Good writing and communication skills in English, Cantonese, Mandarin.


薪酬 薪金面議
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  • 醫療計劃


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