IT Front-end Developer (Web)

China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited

Job Duties:

  • Responsible for the front-end architecture design, business development and optimization of the Web and APP system;
  • Responsible for the design and construction of front-end public components and R&D tools to improve R&D efficiency and R&D quality;
  • Responsible for front-end system performance optimization, security reinforcement, and user experience optimization;
  • Responsible for key technical research in front-end development, technical solution realization, optimization and integration of application and business systems;
  • Participate in cutting-edge technology research and undertake key and difficult technology research.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor degree or above, computer software and related majors, with experience in large-scale projects;
  • Ability to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS to build high-performance web applications;
  • Familiar with at least one mainstream web front-end framework, such as React, Vue, Angular, etc., and understand the underlying principles;
  • Experience in front-end development such as reactnative / UNI app / mini apps;
  • Familiar with HTTP and TCP/IP protocols, and master web front-end engineering tools such as webpack and scaffolding. Strong cognition and practice in development efficiency, performance optimization, accessibility, stability, automated testing, etc.;
  • Be able to independently complete the deployment of the system and the daily maintenance of front-end applications, participate in the construction of the whole product platform, complete the extraction of public methods, bottom packaging and component precipitation, optimize the experience and performance of mobile end products, have solid front-end technology, strong technical research ability, high enthusiasm for new things and technologies, and be familiar with mainstream ideas;
  • Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, able to bear greater work pressure; full of innovative consciousness, good thinking, and excellent independent problem-solving ability;
  • Familiar with Android / IOS development, in-depth understanding of specific platforms is preferred;
  • Familiar with the relevant knowledge of the telecommunications industry, IT work experience in the telecommunications industry is preferred.


薪酬 薪金面議
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  • 將軍澳
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工作簽證 只接受有工作簽證之人士
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  • 十三個月薪酬
  • 牙科計劃
  • 彈性花紅
  • 醫療計劃
  • 加班津貼
  • 穿梭巴士


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